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HR Issues

  • Does management expect you to control and report on “all headcount” but you don’t have process control over the temporary workforce?
  • Do you barely have enough time to manage your permanent employee workforce let alone manage the nonpermanent workforce?
  • Do you lack rate and mark-up control due to having numerous temporary agencies in the mix?
  • Want to implement the “try and buy” approach to hiring qualified personnel but cringe at the mark-up and conversion cost?
  • Do you have approved contractors in-house scheduled for three months but are still there nine months later with no end in site?
  • Are you concerned about the benefits claim risk for long term company paid contractors?

Finance & Accounting Issues

  • Require timely and accurate invoices for accrual and cash flow management and are not getting them from your current outsourcer?
  • Lack financial control over your temps from an actual and budget viewpoint?
  • Do you have a "cart before the horse" purchasing process with your current outsourcing service (invoice – PO – payment)?
  • Do you budget the company fringe rate for a planned permanent hire only to have a contractor come in for a while at 2-3 times your fringe rate and then get a conversion fee to boot when they are hired?
  • Always looking for a good credit reference source from a routine supplier?

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Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Focused

The LSS process focuses on total HR and employee satisfaction as well as the Finance Department's total satisfaction.
We recognize that it is essential to accurately accrue temporary labor costs, manage cash flow better and eliminate SOX or other audit challenges for unrecorded outsourced payroll costs.

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