The LSS Advantage
YOU choose the people you want to work in your environment and we put them on OUR payroll

By doing this you:

  • Eliminate the government reporting, record keeping and the time and expense that your HR and Payroll departments spend on the hiring and termination processes, etc. They will be able to focus on permanent employee issues.
  • Reduce exposure for temporary worker policy challenges for benefit claims
  • Preserves your unemployment rate
  • Provides for the best cost/benefit solution by leveraging your in house recruitment personnel
  • The LSS mark-up in many cases is less than the fringe rate for permanent employees

Benefits of the LSS Process

Comprehensive outsourcing services for a smooth payroll process

  • Although we use a simple standardized process, we are flexible to be situation specific to special needs. We work as a partner with your HR group; we do not just “process orders” through the internet.
  • When you need help from LSS on an issue, you deal with a seasoned management resource, not a customer service phone representative.
  • The LSS process is noninvasive and minimal for managers; it places management control at meaningful check points without adding non value steps.
  • No new software tools for the employee and management to learn – uses existing everyday tools
  • LSS values our employees with the same respect you value your permanent employees. We believe in employees first, then our client, then LSS.

Other LSS Benefits and Services

LSS provides client customized multiple timesheet formats, electronic and manual, to fit the environment

  • We work with you to provide the management reports that help you manage your LSS contractors
  • You can issue us a single PO per person or a blanket PO – we can invoice using your supplied department list
  • LSS emails timely and accurate billings for your finance group which supports month-end accrual and SOX requirements
  • We perform optional background checks at your request
  • We provide a quick turn credit reference service for your new suppliers – a service your Purchasing department will appreciate
  • LSS operates at the same high level of ethics and commitment as your finance group - you can trust LSS! 

LSS is dedicated to providing an excellent cost-effective solution to our clients and employees.

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