Sarbanes Oxley Compliance is the New Reality
Is your outsourced payroll solution embarrassing your CFO and driving your Finance staff crazy?

Today's Finance team has never before been held to such a high standard of accuracy as they are today due to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, or SOX.

Complying with SOX allows little room for slow supplier invoicing, incomplete or the lack of expense accrual assistance.  Unfortunately, many of the large outsourcing firms torture their clients with inaccurate, late and unreliable financial information.

When you couple these issues with the mismatched timing of actuals (billings) to tight budgets, there is just no room for an outsourced payroll service provider that does not have its billing process working properly.

The LSS process was developed by the founder who was a corporate controller and CPA for both public and nonpublic high tech companies. The LSS process is patterned after a world class corporate payroll function and focuses on control, compliance and most importantly, customer service.

Our goal each pay cycle is simple - collect 100% of the approved timesheets from all onboard employees, pay 100% of the employees on time and provide the client with 100% of the cost information they need in the timeframe they need it to keep their books accurate.

The Fast 360° Payroll Cycle


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